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DSC_0098In 2006 our family decided to take up the challenge of making feature films in the Independent Christian Film Industry. We have spent the past five years honing our craft making educational films ( and a major documentary ( We have now decided it is time to take the plunge and make our first feature length Christian film. The near future science fiction film is one which has continuing success in popular culture. Films such as The Matrix, I-Robot and Minority Report portray a future that is intriguing. They serve as an entertaining tool to explore human nature and to think about how we might respond to situations that the future might hold. We decided to use this platform to explore the future, projecting current trends and what might take place if our society fails to turn back to the Lord.
Remember War Room Movie SetWe borrowed from the warnings of the documentary Demographic Winter and the economic disaster that may await as a result of lower than replacement birthrates. We are also well aware of increasing government control in our lives and how government will use every crisis to increase its power. (As illustrated in Agenda: Grinding America Down) All too often people will relinquish freedoms if the government will protect them from discomfort. Hitler stated well what Plato proposed centuries before. “He alone, who owns the youth, gains the future.” It serves the state well to separate children from parents in order to completely indoctrinate them. In Remember, a great economic crisis has brought us to a totalitarian state in which the scriptures are banned and the children are separated from parents at birth. But God always finds a way to reveal himself, even in the greatest darkness.

Remember Production Meeting

The core tension for our main character is this. Will he serve the state or serve the Lord? Will he uphold the systemic separation and indoctrination of the younger generation or will he uphold the biblical institution of the family?
Remember has a subtle, yet solid Christian message taken directly from scripture. In a totally secular humanist society, will a man have the heart and the courage to follow the light he is given? This film serves both as a warning to avoid this future and as a challenge of how we might respond to it.




But I don't like Science Fiction!

Every science fiction hater who has seen the film has loved it. Why? Because it is about people, not technology. It is about a man and woman’s struggle to do what is right for their children in the face of great risk and personal cost. It is about the longing for family that God has placed inside every human heart.



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