Breath of fresh air... refreshing and thought provoking.
Diana Free
An action movie that challenges our values on what is family.
Norm Weatherhead
Artistically daring and full of surprises.
Lee Duigon, Chalcedon
An incredibly impressive film.
Liam Lewandowski

Lee Duigon, Chalcedon

The story is compelling; the acting is professional in quality, even without a single big name in the cast; the camera-work is superb; the music is just right-and, best of all, Remember is artistically daring and full of surprises. Read More

Diana Free

REMEMBER! A movie to remember indeed! I enjoyed this breath of fresh air as I watched REMEMBER. It is clean, refreshing and thought provoking. What a healthy family movie that challenges our minds in preparation to stand firm on the truth with courage. As an educator, I strongly believe that it should be part of the social studies curriculum to stimulate students to think about truth before they leave high school. The special effects is awesome and it truly is a miracle that this fantastic film was produced with a budget of $4,000 and in only one year 2011-2012!

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"...quite frankly, an incredibly impressive film", "Great Sci-fi movie, with family values."  Read More.

David Doell

I don't watch very many movies more than once. I'm happy to say I watched Remember for the second time and enjoyed even more than the first! I'll be watching again in the near future for sure. Good job everyone who was involved!

Jonathan Potter

"If you are a Science Fiction buff, you'll love Remember."  Read More.

Jim Clay

I just wanted to say thank you for all your hard work making Remember. My son Jason Clay bought the DVD and our family watched it. I am impressed at what you were able to do with stunts and visual effects, but even more than that, the story is so powerful. I especially like the scene where Carl and Wendy are talking to each other at the table about their forgetting and remembering. This message and story is perhaps one of the best sci-fi movies I have ever seen. Thank you for being so ambitious to tackle this important topic in a sci-fi genre.


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